Ads do fund the internet, but it’s our responsibility to not ruin the internet.

Today, marketing tech or ‘digital marketing’ as what everyone says right now is all the rage. I dread using the work digital marketing sometimes because the term has become so vague in the industry where everybody just parks it into digital marketing.

10 Hacks To Make A Solid Content Strategy

Is Digital Marketing all about having a data sheet with no stories? Marketers need to be able to aggregate data and use it to tell stories otherwise it’s useless. If you have doubled-up your content marketing  efforts with producing articles, infographics and how-to videos, it’s now time to build and target specific segments of your market.

8 Reasons Why Remarketing For Businesses Matters

Take a step back, and answer this question: How serious are you about conversions? Every brand may have great start to their business. But how can we measure our steps and see meaningful conversions to retain your customers?